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Needles or crochet ?

Needles or crochet?

It is decided, you are the one will make your next jacket! But then comes a great question; needles or crochet? The differences that separate them are brought to light, for you alone. Which one will you choose?

Knitting and hooking are two very different techniques, here is what sets them apart. First, the material is not the same. For knitting, two needles are used; one that supports the active stitches and the other which is used to knit these stitches one by one. Whereas for the crochet, you use a rod with a small edge with a shape of hook. In terms of material it is possible to knit all sorts of yarns while a split yarn or a "hairy" yarn will not be convenient for crochet.

Another difference which is not to be underestimated for needle workers in the subway, the work with a hook can be stopped at any time while it is necessary to avoid stopping the knitting in the middle of a row. Want to opt for the easiest of both? A shame, no winner or loser. The technique is not the same, each one will have more or less affinity with one or the other.

The renderings are equally different. Indeed, one notices to the naked eye a pattern which is crocheted or knitted. The crocheted pattern will have more open stitches. It is used to make plaids, placemats, laces but also summer clothes and many other patterns such as little bears for kids for example. As for the knitting, the flexibility of the pattern can be modified by choosing the needles.

There is no rule on the choice of the technique to use, however the rendering is different, you choose the technique according to the result that you wish.

Although they are different, knitting and crocheting are complementary. For example, a knitted pattern will be all the more successful with crocheted finishes or vice versa. So, you who did not know which one to choose, go for both!