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Who are we?

History of the European Textile Union

- 1869 -

The history of the EUROPEAN TEXTILE UNION (U.T.E.) began in northern France at the end of the 19th century.

The VANDEPUTTE family was then a raw wool trader.

It was in the 1920s that she created her business of twisting yarns, then spinning.

- 1956 -

U.T.E. takes over one of its customers, a wholesaler of LES LAINES DU MARIN knitting yarns.

From then on, it specialized in the manufacture of yarns and wools for hand knitting and in 1966 bought the POLDOR and BECASSINE brands.

- 60' -

At the start of the 1960s, the European Textile Union began manufacturing knitting yarns from new acrylic fibers that were easier to maintain than wool.

She selects COURTELLE fiber whose softness, swelling and liveliness of colors quickly seduce her customers.

- 70' to 90' -

U.T.E. mainly manufactures knitting yarns under the brand names of its large distribution customers: the MONOPRIX, PRISUNIC, KARSTADT (Germany), WOOLWORTH (England) stores.

LES LAINES DU MARIN became the European Textile Union in 1974.

- 1986 -

The spinning mill then exports 90% of its production, mainly to Europe.

She sells classic yarns, made from blends of acrylic, wool and mohair.

In 1986, a record year for yarn production, it produced more than 3,300 tonnes of knitting balls !

- 1992 -

U.T.E. takes over the Jenny brand. Jenny yarns and wools are sold in many large retail chains: CARREFOUR, CASINO, CORA, MATCH, LECLERC and INTERMARCHE.

U.T.E. creates the first display boxes of knitting balls, thus saving space and easier handling for stores.

The beginning of the 90s marked a new impetus for the Cheval Blanc knitting yarn collection.

The first catalog of knitting patterns is born !

A super hero Filine, assisted by her faithful parrot Triko, are the mascots of the Cheval Blanc brand.

- from 2008 to nowadays -

U.T.E. stopped spinning in 2008 and draws on its experience to import quality knitting yarns produced by the best manufacturers in the world.

Its range of recycled yarns is entirely made in France.

- Our values -

Know how

Since 1869, we have been sharing our know-how by offering you quality yarns and products to meet your creative desires.


Creating a relationship of trust together is our priority. Our customer service is at your disposal by email and phone to satisfy you in all circumstances.


We wish to make you live the passion of the yarn by carrying out each year several collections of knitting models for women, men and baby clothes, accessible free of charge or at low prices.


Family business, we are sensitive to sharing and intergenerational transmission. It is important to us to cultivate them to promote cooperation between our teams. Just as transmission is an intrinsic value of knitting, it is at Cheval Blanc which allows it to go further on a daily basis.

- Cheval Blanc over time -


Cheval Blanc knitting patterns

In the mid-1990s, stylist Thérèse Jacques, in charge of creating knitting patterns for mass distribution, developed a classic and timeless knitting pattern line for Cheval Blanc.

UTE entrusts the creation of its knitting catalogs to the designer Camila Krosggard. The first Cheval Blanc Mag appeared in September 2006: fashion, interviews and advice.

In 2010, stylist Adélaïde Vermander took over fashion at Cheval Blanc! In a renewed catalog format, Cheval Blanc is giving itself a new look thanks to collections of more varied yarns.

Cheval Blanc is reinventing itself and integrating more and more knitting patterns made with circular needles in order to best adapt to the new generation of knitting enthusiasts.