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Start knitting!

How to start knitting?

Knitting inspire your creativity, it's trendy, colourful... but to get these results, you have to start! Not easy to get started without any knowledge of the knitters' world. Don't worry, Cheval Blanc is here to help you. Tips, needles, labels of balls, material... you will know everything about knitting.  


- Choose a pattern that suits your current skills. 
For your convenience, all instruction sheets of Cheval Blanc knitting patterns include different difficulty levels: 

: débutant                                                    : confirmé                                                   : expert

Tip: Do not hesitate to choose another colour of same yarn that is proposed for the pattern in order to customize it!


- First of all, you have to ensure that you select the correct size for your knits.

The number of balls per size required to make your own knit is indicated on all knitting sheets. 


- Choosing the correct needle size

The choice of needles is made against the size recommended on the pattern you have chosen to knit. On the Cheval Blanc sheets, the needle size appears on top of the page.

All needles have a number. The smaller the number, the thinner the needle, and vice versa. 
To get started, avoid using needle too thin that may let you get bored with your knitting. The thinner the needle, the thinner the wool and the longest the making of knit.


- Always make a test sample!

You just can't wait to get started? Be patient, there is still one step!
The test sample is necessary for the garment to come out the right size. This will ensure you that the outcome does not come as a bad surprise.

In knitting, a test sample is a 10cm square. This is used to estimate the number of rows and stitches you need for your garment. It is best not to neglect this test sample.

  • If you have less stitches and rows, this means that you knit too loose: then use thinner needles.  
  • If you have more stitches and rows, this means that you knit too tight: so use larger needles.
  • If you get a similar number of rows and stitches: Perfect, you can get started!

A diagram of the following type appears on all labels of balls so you can't go wrong with you sample:

e.g. sample on the label of Sunny ball:



To start knitting:
- Sit in a quiet place, away from all sources of disturbance. 
- Opt for a comfortable position (backrest, cushion, armrest...) and make sure to enjoy total freedom of movement.
- Wash your hands (this helps prevent the hands from becoming sweaty or the wool stained)
- Choose a place with pleasant brightness that may not hurt your eyes.