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Where to learn knitting?

 Where to learn knitting?

It's decided ! You want to start knitting. Excellent idea ! But where do we learn that? Today, thanks to the new technologies, you can find hundreds of "video tutorials", that is to say explanatory videos, which teach you how to knit quite easily. You can find these tutorials especially on "YouTube" but also on blogs of knitting lovers. For you, we have selected a few:





If you are not a web fan, ask around you, there may be "knitting workshops" near you, in the wool shops for example where you will have the pleasure of learning to knit in a group around a cup of tea.


This is not a legend, knitting has no secret for many grandmothers. So don’t hesitate to ask around, learning with family, there is nothing better!


There are also knitting associations that could accompany you in this learning. In Roubaix (north of France), the "gang des tricoteuses" offers activities around knitting such as exhibitions or knitting workshops.


On the Internet, in shop, with family or with an association, do not wait to learn how to handle needles!