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  • Knitting dolly "easy knit"

    Tricotin en bois Sale!

    This small handspun in wood with 4 nails is suited for children' first knitting creations. Sold individually with a n...

    4,21 € 3,58 €
  • Universal rotally

    Compte-rangs universel Sale!

    Count up easily your rows with this universal row counter! Sold individually.

    2,83 € 2,41 €
  • Stich holders

    Ramasse-mailles Sale!

    Separate easily your stitches with this stitch holder. Sold by 2.

    2,96 € 2,37 €
  • Wool bobbins

    Bobinettes laine Sale!

    Create easily Jacquard patterns thanks to the wool bobbins. These will allow you to put your yarns on hold! Sold by s...

    3,08 € 2,62 €
  • Pom poms

    Pompons Sale!

    Accessorize your woolly hats and scarves with these coloured pompons. Choose among plain colour or bicolor designs to...

    Different colors

    3,43 € 2,06 €

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